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Total Investment for $500
-Individual Workshops

None of us could have expected that COVID-19 would have kept us in quarantine this long. We’ve all seen friends and family members alike change jobs, lose jobs, gain jobs and simply think about their financial income differently. All of this made of realize that we’d like to better our community and the entire quarantine situation for all by starting an online florist class where one can learn and gain experience creating floral pieces perfect for resumes that will impress all who are looking for applicants at florist shops, grocery stores, catering companies and more.

Our floral classes will help you ultimately help you work at home while making money. We’ve created and fine-tuned a Masterclass where one can learn how to make beautiful bouquets, stunning arrangements, spectacular centerpieces, and more! It’s getting harder and harder in the floral industry to find experienced and qualified applicants. Our floral class will help you learn a new skill that will result in a solid job and plenty of financial income options. Joseph, our proud owner and founder, is excited to be able to teach all about the wonderful and beautiful world of floral design. Learn to love flowers and everything they can do for your life and those around you with our Floral Masterclass with Flowers By Joseph.

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